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Do You Know Pure Hand Knotted Silk Rug From Nanyang Carpet

Release time:2019-05-08

On important occasions around the world, we can see the carpet, whether it is the magnificent royal palace of Arabia or the private collection of the Russian tsar,and so on.

Azerbaijani Carpet.jpg

Nowadays, hand knotted carpets are not only the preferences of the royal family. Many people have realized the value hand knotted rugs.
Fine hand knotted silk carpets show ingenuity,and their everlasting aesthetic and artistic value are presented.

silk tapestry.jpg

Pure hand knotted rugs form Nanyang Carpet are famous for fine craft, neoteric design and special details,which are practical ,collectible and artistic handmade crafts.
Every pattern of each handwoven area rug is a cultural heritage and continuation, so the design is very particular.

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