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Hand Knotted Carpets in the Eyes of Our Designer

Release time:2019-05-14

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Nowadays,Chinese hand knotted silk carpets are still precious. The artistic value of pure hand knotted carpets is not comparable to that of machine-made carpets. For handwoven silk carpets, people are often attracted by their appearance and value. The patterns are exquisite and the colors are diverse. Placing silk hand woven rug in the room can highlight the sense of space of the owner's self-style, and show the owner's high taste.


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China is a country that emphasizes inheritance. Excellent traditional culture is the development and foundation of a country and a nation. If it is lost, it will cut off the spiritual lifeline. Nowadays, more and more people are more follow-up historical and valuable. items, from classical architecture, furniture, porcelain, etc. These traditional cultures are profound, showing a strong oriental beauty. Hand knotted silk carpets come in a variety of colors and patterns, and show the beauty of the East. Natural, elegant and environmentally friendly is a life attitude and a life aesthetic.


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Ten years ago, only a handful of people knew that more people were questioning that a silk hand knotted rug was so expensive, but they didn’t know why silk rugs were so expensive. After entering the company for three years, I was touched by the spirit of the carpet handwoven crafts. It takes at least a year to weave a two-meter rug to complete. The process is so hard, it is the spirit of the bones and the love of Chinese handicrafts that they can persist in hand- knotting rugs all the time.


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