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Nanyang Carpet Attending Shanghai Interior Lifestyle Exhibition

Release time:2019-09-11



Shanghai Interior Lifestyle Exhibition is an international trade show that reflects the design and lifestyle concept and leads the aesthetic trend of home decoration.


Shanghai Interior Lifestyle Exhibition.jpg


Nanyang Silk Carpet Factory has attended this exhibition on Sep 9.2019,presenting hand knotted rugs with reliable quality and exquisite designs.The exhibition is still going on so far.
More and more frinends at home and abroad are attracted by these handwoven rugs from Nanyang Carpet.


Nanyang Carpet.jpg


As a handicraft, the handmade carpet is a representative of personality and art.With the improvement of consumption levels, more and more people are pursuing more individuality, art and quality in their home life.
They are more willing to choose handmade carpets to beautify their rooms or living space.


silk oriental rugs.jpg


A tasteful person can’t always lack an artistic hand knotted carpet.


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