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Buy handmade silk carpet or handmade wool carpet?

Release time:2019-11-08

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Handmade silk carpet and handmade wool carpet,which is better?

In fact, the carpets of these two materials have their own merits.


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To buy handmade carpets, you must first look at the purpose of purchaser. If you want to be a collector, I recommend that you use silk carpet as your first choice, and try to choose some high-density silk carpets or silk tapestries. This kind of carpet is not only practical, but also has a higher appreciation space.
One of the most important reasons is that there are fewer and fewer hand-carpet weaving workers, especially high-density, high-level weaving workers, which are rarer and rarer. The value of high-density silk carpets is getting higher and higher.


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If you are mainly for home use, both handmade silk rug and handmade wool rug can be used. If you have a good budget for the carpet, handmade silk carpets can be used as the first choice, because whether your home is European style or modern minimalist decoration, or with the collection of mahogany furniture that can be handed down, the traditional style of silk handmade carpet will always give you unexpected surprises. The classic Persian pattern is the crystallization of the wisdom and aesthetics of craftsmanship for thousands of years, so even after decades, it will definitely be the brightest match in your home decor.


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Whether it's a silk carpet or a wool carpet, you should first like it yourself. As long as it is your favorite pattern or design, it is the best, because the craft itself is precious.


The other is to look at the overall match with the decoration style of your own home, not to pursue the most expensive is the best.


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Handmade silk carpet and handmade wool carpet,which is better? In short, suitable is the best.



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