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Hand knotted Silk Rug and Hand Knotted Wool Rug, Which One Do You Prefer ?

Release time:2019-11-20

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For many customers, they feel that silk carpets are more delicate and difficult to maintain and clean . In fact, because the color fastness of silk carpets is relatively strong, and our silk carpets are washed before leaving the factory, so even if the silk carpet is dirty, the color is still very beautiful after washing . This is the characteristic of silk material, which determines its color is rich and colorful. To say the shortcomings of silk carpet, it is that the silk carpet is thinner and the silk carpet with higher density is much thinner,yet its value is much higher.


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Compared to wool carpets, I personally like it, because wool carpets are thicker than silk carpets, and the feet feel very comfortable. Our wool carpets not only have traditional Persian patterns, but also have modern designs,which are the perfect match for modern light luxury decoration style.

Similarly, regardless of the value of the collection or the value of use, handmade wool carpets are in no way inferior to silk carpets. There are many customers who worry that wool carpets will shed hair or have mites. In fact, our wool handmade carpets will not breed mites, as long as the wool rugs are in a ventilated or frequently used environment, there is no need to worry about this.


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